Tranquility Retreat

Tarot card readings are a fun way to guide and enlighten you! Its like taking a snapshot of your life where you are right now and taking time to see and experience the picture in detail. I am always connected to my spirit guides and a ‘higher power’ during the reading and the intention is always for ‘the highest good’, so definitely no unfavourable or bad components come through.

The main information given to me is from YOU! The tarot cards are just that, cards with pictures on them, you are the one to provide me with the knowledge that is already within you and bring it to light. I do not tell the future with these cards. I like to focus on the present and what it is you need to do now in order to make way for a lighter and brighter future. Tarot readings are basically a conversation between two people about certain issues that may arise and wisdom is given to me by you, the cards are only a tool to bring those issues to light.