Tranquility Retreat

Reiki is an alternative healing practice involving a light, loving healing touch that brings the energy field of the mind, body, emotions and soul back into balance. Reiki healing provides a deep sense of calm and relaxation, perfect for reducing stress, tension and anxiety, to name a few.

What is Reiki healing?

Reiki is a light, loving, healing touch that brings the energy of the mind, emotions, body and soul back into balance. It provides a deep sense of calm and relaxation which reduces stress and pain and assists with the body’s own natural healing capabilities. It is always an ‘’in addition to’’ and never ‘’instead of’’ conventional medical care. Energy healing does not have any harmful side effects. Reiki is not a religion, rather it is spiritual in nature.

Reiki helps maintain balance of mind, emotions, body and soul in order to prevent any illness or disease. It is also used to treat any chronic illness or disorder. Reiki is currently used in major hospitals worldwide such as The Mayo Clinics and The Johns Hopkins hospitals as it serves “to create deep relaxation, to help spread healing, reduce pain, and decrease other symptoms which may be experienced” due to illness.

During the Reiki session the Reiki practitioner connects to the ‘Universal Life Force’ Reiki energy in order for healing to occur. Reiki involves using Reiki symbols, hand positions and a loving intention. The practitioner places their hands on or slightly above the receiver’s body. This introduces healing energy into the physical, stimulating the body to begin healing itself.

The effects and benefits of Reiki
  • Reducing stress, tension and anxiety
  • Stimulates natural healing
  • Promotes balance and increased energy levels
  • Relieves Pain
  • Encourages creativity
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Improves self awareness
  • Detoxifies mind and body
  • Emotional blockages and unconscious feeling are released
  • Holistic healing
  • Treats the main cause and symptoms of illness
What to expect

Firstly, you will be asked to lie face up, fully clothed (shoes off) on a massage table. I will make you comfortable and give you a pillow to lie on, a cushion for back support will be placed under your knees and I will cover you with either a sheet, duvet, blanket or none at all, whichever you prefer.

I will play relaxing music, burn candles and incense and close the curtains and blinds, all for relaxation purposes. I will then begin the treatment by working in your energy field by placing my hands on or close to the body in several hand position, beginning at the top of the head and ending by the feet. Halfway, you will be asked to turn over and face down. It is a light, loving touch and the placement of hand positions will never be invasive or inappropriate.

The experience of Reiki is personal to each individual and is generally very subtle. Reiki can be experienced in several different ways. To some there is a feeling of warmth or coldness. Some people feel a tingling or a trembling vibration. Some people may see colours and other may feel nothing at all physically, but they do feel a sense of serenity and relaxation within. The most frequent outcome of Reiki is almost instant stress relief and a deep sense of relaxation and peace. Reiki is working and doing its job, no matter which experience you may have.

Reiki works on detoxing your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual energies. Because of this, you may sometimes feel a little worse for a brief period after the treatment. There are no harmful side effects to this detox. This result is because of the physical pain or emotional or mental issue has been brought to the surface in order for it to be released by the body’s natural cleansing system.

After this brief detox period, you may start to notice subtle changes, and again this is subjective. Some people may notice positive inner changes in their attitude and emotions, some may notice they are sleeping better at night. And some may notice their pain levels have subsided. Reiki is progressive, and even if you may not notice much or anything the first time, generally you will have a more profound experience if you continue.