Tranquility Retreat

Out of profound love for our family members and ancestors, we sometimes take on some of their burdens and carry them as our own. We take on this energy to ‘lighten their load’ and ease their pain. Unfortunately, in reality, this does not help our loved ones as we intend, and in turn ends up causing immense pain and harm to ourselves and our lives.

Family Constellations is a multiple generational healing modality which dives into unconscious wounds buried in the family system. These wounds show up in our daily lives as problems arising in our relationships, illness and disease, abuse, depression, career issues and many more. By constellating an issue you are prepared to heal, the modality has the potential to release this energy and improve your life, sometimes in small ways and sometimes in major ways! Family Constellations is such powerful transformational work, some have said it has changed their lives! This modality is currently implemented in 35 countries around the world!

What you can expect at a Family Constellations session

In a group setting, the facilitator will call up the client and proceed with an ‘interview’ process to gain some knowledge into the family background. Once enough insight has been received, the facilitator will begin by asking the client to choose representatives for themselves or certain family members and place them in ‘the field’. The representative will naturally take on thoughts, feelings, insights from the family member they are representing and relay it to the facilitator, who will be able to recognise hidden patterns/trauma/ in the family system, and begin to navigate the constellation for the intention of healing.

What is essentially happening is the representative connects with the member on a soul level, where there is only love, even in the most painful stories. A new story is created at the soul level, and this in turn then filters down into the client’s everyday life in the weeks and months that follow, where a new healthier story emerges.   

The founder of Family Constellations

Bert Hellinger, a German psychotherapist made the very powerful therapeutic modality. Bert Hellinger evolved his work over time from numerous modalities he encountered from all over the world, resulting in the enriching and expanded modality we experience today.