Tranquility Retreat

Family Constellations Full-Day Workshop

Join us at Tranquility Retreat Cape Town and be guided to release the burdens from your past!

Out of profound love for our family members and our ancestors, we sometimes take on some of their burdens and carry them as our own. We take on this energy to ‘lighten their load’ and ease their pain. Unfortunately in reality, this does not help our loved ones like we intend it to, and in turn ends up causing immense pain and harm to ourselves and our lives. This is such an intense and amazing powerful healing therapy. Family Constellations has personally changed my life and those of my love ones, not to mention thousands of others from all over the world! If you are ready to heal and are looking to potentially improve your life, please join and I will  facilitate you on your journey.

Family Constellations are part of our ‘change your life package’.

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