Tranquility Retreat

Crystal Healing Course

This is an 8 week half day course and includes a set of 26 chakra stones.


Crystal healing course

This is an 8 week half day course and includes a set of 26 chakra stones.

Cost R4300 – R700 deposit and R1800 over 2 months

Classes are 3.5 hours 

Next Course Dates: 

  • First week in April

Course Outline:

  • Healing with Crystals
  • Crystal Spirit
  • Selecting your Crystals
  • Cleansing your Crystals
  • Charging / Programming your Crystals
  • why Crystals may not work for you
  • Developing your sensitivity to Crystal Energy
  • Merging and Attuning to your Crystal
  • Working with Quartz, the Master Crystal
  • quartz Crystal Formations
  • Using a Quartz crystal on the aura
  • Closing a healing session with a crystal wand
  • Healing techniques using Quartz Crystal Grids and layouts
  • Why people don’t heal and how they can
  • The 5 myths about healing
  • What does your illness mean
  • Full Body scan meditation
  • Crystals and the chakras
  • Specific Disorder and which Crystals to Use
  • Crystal Grids and Layouts using coloured crystals
  • Pendulum work
  • Crystal Healing session with chakra stones
  • Animal healing with crystals
  • Crystal healing massage
  • Different strokes and crystal tools used in crystal healing massage
  • Quick Energy crystal healing massage
  • Intuitive crystal healing massage
  • Crystal sphere healing massage
  • Foot and hand crystal healing massage
  • Back crystal healing massage
  • Face crystal healing massage
  • Whole body crystal healing massage

Courses presented are a division of Angel's touch, Johannesburg