Tranquility Retreat



When I came across the quote “Authentic Power is building something inside of you that you cannot lose and that no one can take from you”, little did I realise it would become the blueprint of my life!

It took me on a Spiritual Journey spanning over 5 incredible years. I dedicated these years to studying and putting in countless hours towards healing and creating Authentic Power within myself. My healing Retreat is about passing on these practical coping methods and incredibly powerful healing modalities to assist your beautiful soul to heal and create Authentic Power within yourself! 

I began my Spiritual Journey with Reiki 5 years ago and I can honestly say, this was such a pivotal turning point, it changed my life! It opened up a whole new world I did not even know existed and I realised how much I had been missing out on! My natural healing abilities were activated, and my intuition levels grew so much stronger. I then went on to study Colour therapy, Tarot, Crystals, Past Life Regression, Transpersonal Numerology and even some Psychology. 

3 years ago, I came across Family Constellations. This healing modality connected with me so much, it changed my life once again. It shined a light on patterns and issues within myself and my relationships that I had been struggling to see. This powerful healing modality is not for the faint at heart. Although, as intense as it may be, the healing it brings it just as profound!  

I absolutely loved learning and growing from all these modalities, and they helped me through some extremely DARK NIGHT OF THE SOUL periods! After bringing myself through these rough and painful times, knowing which tools and modalities helped me, I started to guide others through their hardships, and they began to release, heal and grow.  

I then received an amazing opportunity to start teaching Reiki, the original healing modality that had changed my life! I still pinch myself every time I teach a class, firstly because I get to impart this beautiful healing modality, and just seeing someone’s face light up when they activate their ‘healing hands’ or when their confidence grows in their abilities, it is truly fulfilling, and it never gets old!! 

I am truly honoured to call myself Teacher & Mentor. I am so passionate about what I do, the most exciting part is when someone’s face lights up when they discover something new in one of my classes, or when they realise a pattern they couldn’t see before in a Family Constellations session, or when they walk in feeling stressed and exhausted, and they leave feeling relaxed and light from a full-day at my Retreat. 

One thing is for sure, if you find yourself in one of my classes, or coming for one of my healing sessions, or attending my full-day Retreat workshop, your life is about to change! One of these mentoring sessions or programs may help you find your inner light, heal from your past, step into your power, and receive the guidance & support you have been looking for! 


TRANQUILITY RETREAT – There are times when you need to retreat in order to heal and find tranquillity on the other side of the pain. Retreat, to release your pain, heal from your past, and connect to your inner light! This is how Authentic Power is created, how EMPOWERING YOUR SOUL is attained! 

With Love & Gratitude,